Horizons is proud to present its first series of pre-conference classes offering detailed, technical information about psychedelic therapy, led by accomplished researchers and practitioners.

These all-day classes will held at the historic Down Town Association in the Financial District.


American Psychological Association and NYS Social Worker Continuing Education (CE) credits are available. Please check with your licensing organization to ensure that the credits will be accepted. See here for more details.

Introduction to MDMA Therapy for Clinicians

Presented by the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation
Led by Shannon Carlin, M.A., AMFT
Associate Director of Training and Supervision, MAPS PBC
with Marcela Ot'alora, MFA, MA, LPC

This workshop will introduce clinicians to the effects of MDMA; the state of MDMA research and ongoing trials; how MDMA-assisted psychotherapy might serve their patient populations; core elements of the practical and theoretical therapeutic approach; and considerations for becoming a certified MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Practitioner.

Shannon Carlin, M.A., AMFT   Associate Director of Training and Supervision, MAPS PBC

Shannon Carlin, M.A., AMFT

Associate Director of Training and Supervision, MAPS PBC

William A. Richards, Ph.D.

William A. Richards, Ph.D.


Led by William A. Richards, Ph.D.
Author and Psychologist, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
with Dr. Rosalind Watts, Imperial College, London

This workshop will encompass (1) Discussion of the personal/professional qualities that appear to enhance safety and efficacy in treatments that employ psychedelic substances; (2) Exploration of basic principles that have been found to expedite the beneficial exploration of consciousness; (3) Facilitation of comprehension of the potential therapeutic potency of visionary and unitive forms of consciousness and how their occurrence and integration may contribute to changes in attitudes and behavior; (4) Survey of practical procedures in structuring set and setting in psychedelic therapy, including the use of music and (5) Consideration of potential therapeutic applications in the near future, notably in the treatment of depression, addictions and end-of-life issues. Implications of the varieties of alternative states of awareness occasioned by psychedelics for education and religion, as well as medical treatment, will also be considered. Dr. Rosalind Watts from Imperial College in London will contribute to the presentation.


Will Van Derveer, MD     Psychiatrist, Integrative Psychiatric Healing Founder

Will Van Derveer, MD

Psychiatrist, Integrative Psychiatric Healing Founder

Led by Will Van Derveer, MD,
Psychiatrist, Integrative Psychiatric Healing Founder
with Scott Shannon, MD

Recent research demonstrates that ketamine-assisted psychotherapy offers response rates of more than 70% for treatment resistant depression. This innovative new treatment approach is a highly effective clinical tool for treatment and exploration. In this one-day workshop you will learn the research in support of this novel approach. 

We will cover the assessment for inclusion and exclusion, risks and potential benefits, side effects, and specifically what kind of psychotherapy is most effective with ketamine. 



9:00am | Convene
9:30am | Morning session
1:00pm | Break for lunch
2:00pm | Reconvene
2:15pm | Afternoon session
5:15pm | Session concludes
6:00pm | Adjourn

THE Down town association

Since its founding in 1859, the Down Town Association remains an island of quiet civility in a bustling Lower Manhattan as a locus for nourishment, entertainment, relaxation or quiet discourse.


  • These classes are designed with medical and mental health professionals and students in mind, but others are also welcome. We will contact you after you register to confirm eligibility if there are any questions.

  • The venue’s dress code is business casual attire, without t-shirts, jeans, or sneakers.

  • Participant photography, videography, and audio recording is not permitted.

  • Registrations are non-refundable but are transferable.

  • Registration for classes is separate from conference registration, which must be purchased independently.

  • Please click here to read our Safer Space and Code of Conduct Policy, which applies to all persons in attendance.


  • The venue for classes is the Down Town Association, 60 Pine Street, New York, NY 10005.

  • Convenient transit includes the 4, 5, 2, 3 at Wall Street and J/Z at Broad Street, or East River Ferry at Wall Street/Pier 11.

  • On-site lodging is available at discount rates at the Down Town Association. Inquire for more information.

  • Light refreshments in morning and mid-afternoon will be provided.

  • There is no on-site parking and street parking is unlikely. Commercial garages are located nearby.